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The Wedding Cake


WestWood Wecryl System

Size (M2)



EMC Roofing & Cladding

Winner LRWA Awards 2024
Liquid Roofing Project of the Year

A first for liquid applied membranes, as WestWood Liquid Technologies delivers a matrimonious project to waterproof a structural piece of art designed by a world-renowned Portuguese artist.

Scope of Works: 

The challenge at hand was not merely a simple roofing or walkway project, but the waterproofing of a 12-metre-tall ceramic pavilion, shaped like a wedding cake, adorned with delicate pastel-coloured tiles and inspired by Baroque architecture and traditional Lisbon ceramic traditions. WestWood Liquid Technologies was entrusted with delivering a waterproofing solution that ensured structural durability, but also complemented the intricate aesthetics of the artist’s vision.  

Project Challenges: 

This project presented unique challenges that tested WestWood’s technical expertise and adaptability. The structure’s unconventional nature demanded a profound understanding of aesthetics, materials, and engineering. The collaboration with the artist’s team in Portugal and the UK installation team required overcoming language barriers and logistical differences. 

Weather conditions posed a significant challenge during the installation phase, demanding on-the-spot problem-solving and adaptability. The artistic integrity of the piece was preserved through precise colour matching of WestWood’s Wecryl 420, a PMMA coating offering abrasion-resistance and non-skid properties, to the delicate porcelain tiles.  

Degree of Difficulty – Complexity of Details: 

The intricate design of ‘The Wedding Cake’ required a meticulous approach. WestWood’s PMMA-based Wecryl System proved to be the ideal solution, offering high flexibility, crack-bridging properties, and a fast-reactive PMMA-based coating (Wecryl 420) for the non-slip surface. The challenge lay not only in waterproofing but in ensuring that every detail, from seams to colour matching, aligned with the artistic vision. 

Workmanship – Standard Achieved: 

WestWood’s highly experienced and knowledgeable team demonstrated exceptional workmanship, delivering a waterproofing solution that not only met industry standards but surpassed expectations. The collaboration with EMC Roofing & Cladding Ltd and transparent communication throughout the project ensured a high level of craftsmanship. 

Problem Solving – Coping with Constraints: 

From overcoming cross-border collaboration challenges to adapting to unforeseen cold weather conditions, WestWood demonstrated resilience and problem-solving skills. The on-the-spot adjustments during installation showcased the ability to cope with the constraints of the project and deliver a successful outcome. 

Aesthetics – Visual Impact, Appearance: 

The fusion of art and engineering was exemplified in the visual impact of ‘The Wedding Cake. WestWood’s Wecryl System, with its custom colour-matched non-slip surface, seamlessly integrated with the delicate pastel-coloured tiles, achieving not just functionality but an aesthetic alignment with the artist’s vision.  

A Match Made in Heaven: 

The successful completion of ‘The Wedding Cake’ project not only marked a milestone in liquid applied membranes but also demonstrated WestWood Liquid Technologies’ ability to transform a unique artistic concept into a functional and visually stunning public attraction. The project, a harmonious blend of art and engineering, stands as a testament to WestWood’s technical expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. 

Speaking of the project, Oliver Ray, owner of EMC Roofing & Cladding Ltd, said: “This was the first time we had worked with WestWood Liquid Technologies. As the project was so niche, we needed a specialised team involved. 

“From day one, the team at Westwood were fantastic – transparent communication, regular technical support and contractor training, not to mention its innovative products which exceeded our expectations and meant we could deliver an accurate colour match, achieving the artists’ vision, while also meeting the safety and durability requirements for this structure.”