LRWA Associate Application

Associate Members – defined as Manufacturers of ancillary components in the roofing system such as thermal and acoustic insulation, vapour control layers, decking, lightning protection, drainage, plant and safety equipment.
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  • Production systems must conform to ISO9000
  • Products must conform to relevant British or European Standards
  • Must be willing to help with the development of their products for the use of the liquid roofing and waterproofing industry
  • All products used within the liquid roofing and waterproofing industry to carry a minimum performance guarantee of 10 years
  • Accept and agree to comply to the LRWA Code of Conduct and policies
  • Support the activities of the Association
  • Must have trained technical support staff to assist both manufacturer and contractor members
  • Membership application must be sponsored by an LRWA manufacturer member

Applications are to be completed in writing via this form

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Associate membership

BS 6229
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LRWA Board Meeting
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