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Manufacturer Member – defined as manufacturer, wholly owned subsidiary or controlled liquid waterproofing system providers
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  • Production of the liquid product(s) must be under a system of factory production control to ISO9001 or such equivalent third party audited system
  • Must have liquid waterproofing systems (ie not repair products) that have a current certificate of fitness for purpose issued by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) or other equivalents such as ETA or BDA certificateThe above certification must be in the name of the product as marketed by the applicant
  • A new applicant whose product(s) do not have such Certification will be expected to obtain it within a maximum period of 12 months, before membership will be approved.  Beyond 12 months and the applicant will need to reapply and be reaudited.
  • Must complete an LRWA product audit annually to be enable entry onto the LRWA product register
  • Must be able to provide a guarantee or product warranty for a minimum of 10 years for any LRWA registered liquid waterproofing system
  • Must have a system of recorded quality assurance procedures (eg inspections) in place for works using LRWA registered liquid waterproofing systems that are appropriate to the guarantees being offered
  • Must have in place competent, trained technical staff both office based and in the field
  • The applicant must provide training in the installation of all LRWA registered liquid waterproofing systems at a dedicated training facility, not on a construction site, and must operate and maintain a register of trained specialist contractors
  • Must provide Application Guidelines that are suitable for UK conditions and construction practices, and which are in-keeping with the Guidance Notes and Codes of Practice published by the Association
  • Must operate a UK based office, staffed by competent person/s.
  • Must operate a documented Complaints Procedure

Applications are to be completed in writing via this form. Send to Upon receipt of an application an invoice will be issued for the application deposit which is £250 to cover the cost of an audit. Upon receipt of payment, LRWA will arrange to inspect the applicant’s office to establish compliance with the above criteria.  If the applicant complies with criteria an invoice is issued for subscription fee (pro rata) minus the application deposit.

If the applicant doesn’t comply with criteria they will be given up to 12 months to demonstrate compliance prior to membership being accepted.  After the initial audit, members will be expected to self-audit every year via online form as part of agreement to Code of Conduct.

Special Circumstances that May Affect Membership Status

In the event of a take-over or acquisition, the applicant must notify LRWA immediately to enable a further audit and recommendation to the Board, this is to ensure continued compliance.
In the event of a supply of a product being transferred to a new company, the previous supplier will be asked to resign and a new application will be sought from the new supplier

Manufacturer membership

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