What is in store for 2024? A message from our CEO

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“Reflecting on the past 12 months, the liquid roofing industry has weathered a challenging landscape marked by high inflation rates, strikes in the transport, health and education sectors, as well as governmental instability. The uncertainties of the year were further compounded by the ongoing impact of the Grenfell-related initiatives. Despite these hurdles, the sector has shown resilience, with construction product availability stabilising at pre-COVID levels. This brought much-needed equilibrium to pricing.

A significant milestone this year was in September (2023), the UK saw the first construction products to achieve verification with the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI). These products will become the first on the market to carry the CCPI mark; offering reassurance to users that product information from manufacturers is not only clear, accurate, and accessible, but is also up-to-date and unambiguous. Amongst some of the first of these product systems to receive this validation are liquid applied membranes, from LRWA members. This is a fantastic accomplishment from companies represented within our association that are proudly leading the way in this arena – particularly post-Grenfell.

The implementation of new responsibilities and systems under the Building Safety Act on October 1, 2023, signalled a pivotal moment for those engaged in projects involving higher-risk buildings. These changes underscore the industry’s commitment to enhancing safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Looking ahead to 2024, the liquid roofing sector anticipates the cessation of ‘Grandfather Rights’ on December 31. This has prompted a surge in contractor membership as professionals strive to demonstrate competence in their specialised disciplines. The LRWA is poised to collaborate with contractor members, facilitating comprehensive plans to qualify their workforce in liquid roofing. This involves leveraging On-Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) for experienced workers and Specialist-Applied Skills Programmes (SAP) for apprentices, ultimately leading to the attainment of a blue skilled worker CSCS card.”

Sarah added:

“While 2024 is expected to present market challenges, liquid roofing and our association is experiencing a period of growth. This aligns with the anticipation of a buoyant refurbishment sector amid the backdrop of a general election and higher interest rates, further showcasing the adaptability and dynamism of the liquid applied membrane industry.

As we embark on the upcoming year, the LRWA remains committed to supporting excellence, promoting workforce development, and steering the sector towards sustainable growth despite the prevailing uncertainties.”

Sarah Spink

Chief Executive Officer

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