The winners of the 2023 Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) Awards have been revealed.

Eight impressive projects received awards across four categories, including Liquid Roofing Project of the Year under 1,000 sq. m, Liquid Roofing Project of the Year over 1,000 sq. m, Liquid Roofing Project of the Year in a Buried Application, and Liquid Waterproofing Project of the Year.

As well as crowning the winners of each category, the LRWA, for the first time, awarded trophies to highly commended entries in each of these categories.

All projects were judged blind by an independent panel with details of the contractor and manufacturer omitted from the entries. Scores were based on strict criteria reflecting the standard of workmanship, complexity, how challenges were overcome and aesthetics.

The talents of individuals within the roofing sector were also recognised. Graham Hindes from WestWood Liquid Technologies was crowned Trainer of the Year thanks to his passionate and in-depth approach, which has maximised the learning experience for students.

The Student of the Year award, sponsored by Sika, went to Loui Douthwaite from Westwood Roofing Ltd. With full support from his employer, he has taken part in the Specialist Applied-Skills programme (SAP) in liquid roofing and waterproofing. Showing focus and enthusiasm, Loui completed the tasks on the course to a very high standard. Using various liquid systems, he has consistently applied his knowledge, while working quickly and efficiently.

As well as working well as an individual, Loui is a great team player who has developed strong working relationships with the other trainees. His skills and dedication have been praised by his colleagues, and Loui’s drive to learn has put him firmly on the path to a successful career in roofing.

The LRWA’s Special Recognition Award was presented to Terry Wain. With a fierce drive and determination, he was instrumental in introducing the Specialist Applied Skills Programme (SAP) in 2013. He secured vital funding from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to develop the LRWA Training Academy at Briggs Amasco in Cradley Heath, and worked tirelessly on the online training videos covering the major liquid chemistries – with some of this content still being used today.

Helping to put liquids on the map, he worked hard to ensure people took our discipline seriously. He proved everyone wrong to those who were sceptical or dismissive of the value, versatility and durability of liquid waterproofing.

Terry was not only passionate about liquids, he also had an eye for talent, and nurtured the younger generation of the workforce; taking them under his wing and helping them get a step on the ladder.

The luxury Titanic Hotel in Liverpool hosted the event again, where more than 300 people attended to celebrate successes across the liquid roofing and waterproofing industry, making it the LRWA’s largest gala dinner to date.

Sarah Spink, CEO of the LRWA, said: “This year we celebrate our fifth LRWA Awards event and the standard of projects continue to exceed all expectations. The judges’ feedback confirmed what a tough task they had on their hands, which is why we introduced a highly commended winner for each of the project categories.

“The entries showed an inspiring level of workmanship and how contractors have overcome some monumental challenges on site. They also demonstrated the strength of our sector and how the versatility and durability of liquids is helping to create amazing projects across the country.  The standard of projects and the liquid market today is beyond recognition from when we first launched the awards in 2017, as our sector continues to grow in strength.

“With such strong competition this year, all those nominated should be very proud of their achievement. We’d like to congratulate all those who received an award or who were highly commended, and thank our sponsors for supporting another hugely successful event.”

The LRWA Awards took place on 22 March 2023, supported by several organisations including the headline sponsor, Proteus Waterproofing.

The winners of the 2023 awards are:

Liquid Roofing Project of the Year under 1000 sq. m (sponsored by Instar)

Winner: Radio City Tower, Liverpool: Proteus Waterproofing and Orb Rope Access

This Grade II listed tower is one of the UK’s tallest free-standing buildings. The tower is frequently used for charity abseiling events, and over the last 20 years, ropes had significantly damaged the original waterproofing.

Specialist operatives were deployed to deliver this highly complex project, which saw a polyurethane cold-applied liquid installed at extreme heights.

The installation of the waterproofing was made more challenging because of the unique design requirements. To protect the insulation, a timber upstand ring was designed, made at roof level, and installed to the top of the rood edge detail.

The tower’s height presented further challenges, with contractors having to contend with severe weather conditions, including strong winds which caused the structure to naturally sway.

Highly Commended: Netherdale Stand: Kemper System and Concrete Repairs

Liquid Roofing Project of the Year over 1000 sq. m (sponsored by Ravago)

Winner: Host Helix Student Accommodation: Polyroof and Tower Asphalt

This curved and pitched building was used as student accommodation before closing for refurbishment. Water had begun to leak, exacerbated by the building’s winding curves, guttering and vast amount of plant on the roof.

A flexible, polyester liquid-applied membrane was selected to waterproof the complex roof and matched to the University’s colours.

The perimeter detail was encapsulated with the new waterproofing system requiring fire-retardant cement particle boards to be fixed to the internal and top faces of the external parapet walls.

The curvature of the building complicated the process meaning the contractor had to carefully cut the trims to size prior to fixing to ensure they followed the structure’s profile. New internal curved gutter channels were also created at the interface between the building and roof.

Highly Commended: The Main Stand, Cheltenham Racecourse: Makers Construction and Polyroof

Liquid Roofing Project of the Year in a Buried Application (sponsored by Quantum Insulation)

Winner: Le Clos Mourant Social Housing: Triflex and Rateavon Jersey

Located in Jersey, this new build social housing development comprises of 151 apartments spread across four blocks.

A PMMA liquid-applied membrane was chosen as the waterproofing system for the entire scheme and installed across multiple areas, including warm flat roofs, balconies, podiums, stairways, entrance canopies, planters, tank rooms and storage areas.

The site’s location on an island and close to the sea, meant the contractors had to contend with challenging logistical issues and changeable weather.

Stringent planning and a robust supply chain avoided any shipping delays, ensuring the waterproofing system was delivered on time and the project completed successfully.

Highly Commended: Amazon, Swindon: IKO and Briggs Amasco

Liquid Waterproofing Project of the Year (sponsored by Polyfoam XPS)

Winner: Ikea Car Park, Reading: Makers Construction and Triflex

The existing waterproofing system on this multi-storey car park had begun to prematurely fail, which triggered an extensive investigation into the cause.

To rectify the problems identified, the structural topping was removed and treated with a bespoke epoxy primer to fill the voids within the concrete and neutralise any chemicals that could react with the proposed PMMA system.

To address microcracking, which was discovered during the installation, 7,000 square metres of reinforcement was used after the primer had been applied.

The PMMA system was applied to create durable parking bays and drive isles with pedestrian walkways. Numerous bollards, signs and impact barriers were removed and re-sited, replacing the original mechanical fixings with resin fixings.

Thermoplastic line marking was installed, and movement joints were also designed and incorporated.

Highly Commended: Middleborough Multi-Storey Car Park: Makers Construction and Triflex 

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