Fire safety

Approved Document B (ADB) is the government document that gives guidance on fire precautions relating to the wider Building Regulations in England. Collectively these must be adhered to in order to keep people and premises safe.
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In August 2019, a new edition of ’Fire Safety-Approved
Document B’ (ADB) became effective (further amendments were made in 2020 and 2022 including the introduction of new rules for residential buildings over 11m). The Approved Documents provide guidance on one way to demonstrate compliance to satisfy the Building Regulations. Part B of the Building Regulations in England covers fire safety matters within and around buildings. Approved Document B
(ADB) is published in two volumes.

  • Volume 1 Dwellings
  • Volume 2 Buildings other than Dwellings

Through dialogue with Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) the flat roofing industry was encouraged to provide guidance and recommendations regarding changes to Building Regulations and compliance through Approved Document
B (ADB). The flat roofing industry Trade Associations (LRWA/NFRC/SPRA) collaborated and worked with key industry stakeholders to develop this guidance document to assist those dutyholders involved in the specification and design of flat roofing and waterproofing systems in understanding the following:

  • Changes in legislation relating to fire safety
    Implications for flat roofing and waterproofing membranes
  • Clarification on specific sections within ADB sections that relate to
    roofs that connect to external walls
  • Clarification on specific sections within ADB that relate to
    ‘specified attachments’

The Agrément Certificate is a UKAS-accredited product and system certificate scheme which enables manufacturers of products used in the construction industry to demonstrate a product’s fitness-for-purpose and compliance with UK building regulations including fire performance.

Agrément, when literally translated, means ‘approval’.  The  methodology involves the detailed assessment of a product or system that establishes in a quantifiable way, the performance of that product or system. The output of that assessment is in the form of the Agrément Certificate, which others in the supply chain use to evolve specifications.

All LRWA manufacturer members are required to hold BBA/BDA or ETA third party accreditation for their liquid roofing products.  Use our helpful tool to be able to compare product performance characteristics

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