British standards

Key standards that are used within flat roofing and balconies include BS 6229, BS 5250 and BS 8579. LRWA represent members on the BSI committees that have responsibility for these standards.
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BS 6229 is a British standard specifying a code of practice for flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings. 

BS 6229:2018 describes best current practice in the
design, specification, construction and installation, and
aftercare of a flat or curved roof with a pitch not greater
than 10 degrees to the horizontal, with a continuously
supported flexible waterproof covering on a supporting
structure that is both dense and heavy (i.e. a
concrete slab), or consists of framing members
supporting a lightweight deck of metal or of timber based material. 

BS 8579 provides guidance for standardized and optimum balcony and terrace designing. BS 8579 sets a benchmark for quality of the design of balconies and terraces. Balconies and terraces covered within BS 8579 can be at any height above the lowest ground level unless stated otherwise. 

BS 8579 offers eminent information for constructing efficient water drainage, pipe, and outlet, and other design components.

BS 5250 is applicable management of moisture in buildings. It details best practices for ensuring a code of practice for preventing moisture in buildings to minimizing risk to the users 

BS 5250 gives recommendations for the management of moisture in buildings using an integrated and pragmatic approach. It covers all states of water as gas, liquid and solid, and the interactions between these states. It describes the principal sources of moisture in buildings, its transportation and deposition and provides recommendations and guidance on how to manage those risks during the assessment, design, construction, and operation of buildings. 

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