LRWA Membership

Join the fastest growing sector of the construction industry and help us to raise awareness of the technical and financial benefits of liquid applied waterproofing systems

There are many benefits to all our members, full list can be found here

We have 3 different membership levels:

Manufacturer; defined as manufacturer, wholly owned subsidiary or controlled liquid waterproofing system providers

Associate; Manufacturers of ancillary components in the roofing system such as thermal and acoustic insulation, vapour control layers, decking, lightning protection, drainage, plant and safety equipment.

Contractor; Roofing contractors licensed or approved to receive and install the products of one or more of the manufacturer members.

LRWA Membership Fees

LRWA Membership Fee (p.a.)
Manufacturer Member
(must meet LRWA criteria)
Associate Member
(must meet LRWA criteria)
Contractor Member
(must meet LRWA criteria and be sponsored by an existing Manufacturer Member)
  • Annual fees are collected in advance of the 12-month period in January
  • Any new members joining mid-year will pay a fee based on pro rata
  • All membership levels will be invoiced directly by LRWA
  • Fees are subject to increases to reflect inflation as and when recommended to the membership by the board
  • All members and potential members must complete an annual audit to ensure that criteria for membership is met
  • A discount on LRWA membership of £250 is available for NFRC contractor members

LRWA Membership Levels

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