Changes to the LRWA Charity Team Challenge 2022

Dear members,

As you will be aware, Monday 12 September 2022 marks the first day of this year’s LRWA Charity Team Challenge.

In light of recent events with the passing of our great monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and as we enter ten days of national mourning, we have taken the decision to extend the challenge by an additional seven days – taking us to Friday 7th October.

Teams are encouraged to continue with any plans they have to complete their challenge – whether this be walking, cycling, running or swimming! But it also means those who did want to use this period to put activity on hold as a mark as respect, they still have time to finish the challenge.

All activity recorded from Monday 12 September until Friday 7th October will be accepted and entered into the event. The decision of when individuals post activity on social media channels is entirely up to them as long as it is before the end of the challenge period.  We acknowledge that some people may wish to postpone social media posts until after the state funeral and we fully respect their decision.

As a quick reminder, the challenge invites teams of up to ten people to walk, run, cycle or swim as far as they can in 30 minutes to achieve the highest number of kilometres and raise money for the LRWA’s chosen charity, LandAid.

For more information, please contact